"It is wonderful to look for the secrets of an object's creation and its possible moulding, to look for the inner energies that are holding it together and pushing it apart by dismantling and building it up again. And then look at it differently again changed by Bernadett Hegyvari's energy and experiences. She makes her own "creatures" from glass and then sets them free for us as food for thought, as a message to reveal the secrets."  

László Hefter 2017

For many years I was working with only this technique,
my cast pieces are mainly still lives as well. I wished to
explore the possibility of duality in these pieces too. 
There is an outside skin where the objects are read and
then a second inner life when they are taken apart and
show a completely different view. They all work like 3 dimensional puzzles. 

Series of apple still lives

On the table, 
more apples


The pillow is a 50X35X15cm cast made out of 6 interlocking pieces.

The plate of Paul Klee

From 2000 until 2008 I spent my years in England, UK. I have learnt from wonderful masters such as Angela Thwaites or Max Jacquard. They tought me how to cast glass and many more for which I will always be greatful. In those years I was working with the shape of heads, helmets and the human form, later on with the shape of pebbles.