I like to bring the everyday and the silent presence of the ordinary objects into art. I find the Dutch and Spanish masters of the 1600 inspiring, the way they invite the viewer to gaze upon their works and allow a slow and certain surge of thoughts and impressions to alter the viewer's thinking about the objects shown. Some objects fade away whilst others come to the foreground. There is always a kind of darkness behind the sharp lights. The objects talk to us through our memories and given enough time to this process one finds that they are not objects we are staring at but life itself.

Compositions of blown elements 
to create wall hanging still lives.
Acrylic painting backgrounds.
Various sizes 30X30X15cm -  76X76X30 cm 

These are simple games of duality with up and down arrangements and compositions as pictures  The game of up and down of what we see and what we know.

Compositions of blown elements for  interchangable installations. Concentrating on texture using metal sheets, oxides and other materials